Welcome to the Office of the External Vice President for Statewide Affairs!

The office of the EVPSA works to represent the students of the University of California, Santa Barbara to the federal and state government. Working in tandem with the Office of the A.S. External Vice President for Local Affairs and A.S. Lobby Corps to advocate on behalf of the advancement of all UCSB students.

External VP for Statewide Affairs

Hey Gauchos! My name is Vero and I am your new External Vice President for Statewide Affairs. I am a Fourth Year Political Science Major and Earth Science Minor here at UCSB! I am a proud Peruvian American and through my advocacy focus on goals relating to Indigenous Justice, Restorative Justice, Community Connection and Solidarity, and Intersectional Justice. I am excited to be able to offer opportunities to UCSB students this year to get involved in pushing forward not only these goals, but also our UCSA goals, and to ensure that UCSB (and all UCs!) invest what they can into our students to create an equitable UC!