Previous Projects

Get Out The Vote:

Get Out The Vote, with the help of the EVPSA and EVPLA Offices,  registered thousands of students for the November Midterms! We tabled in the Arbor handing out packages with ballot books, pins, and maps of polling locations. We were able to help educate students on ballot initiatives and encourage students to exercise their power to vote!

AFSCME 3299 Strike:

The External Vice President for Statewide Affairs Office stands with UC workers and the AFSCME 3299 strike. Our workers commute from sometimes several hours away, work multiple jobs just to be able to sustain themselves and their families, and deserve fair wages for their labor. The demands are:
-6% wage increase with steps
-No healthcare increases
-No pension cuts
-Job security (no more emergency layoffs)
-An end to contracts and outsourcing

Join in solidarity with our UC workers!