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Defend Public Education!! California is in the midst of great political change. With a critical election coming up, it is important, now more than ever, to remind legislators to prioritize public education. In a show of statewide solidarity, students, workers and faculty participated in actions on October 7th to raise awareness about the immediate and long-term effects of California’s divestment from public education. There was a rally at 12pm at the Arbor, followed by a march to the SRB where there was a press conference. Now is the time to act. .

Get Out The Vote:

Get Out The Vote, with the help of EVPSA,  registered more than 7000 students for the November election. That is more than any other UC! Congratulations and a job well done to everyone involved!!

21st Annual Students Of Color Conference (Nov 12-14)

This conference, which was for all students, was held right here at UCSB . The goal of this yearly conference is to help empower students of color. It was put on by the University of California Students Association.

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