Daily Archives: May 5, 2014

Wondering what you can do to address high tuition costs? Come check out Week of Revenue presented by UCSB E.V.P.S.A Office OUR WEEKLY STUDENT TIP OF THE WEEK IS POSTPONED TEMPORARILY TO BRING YOU AN IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: As the United States Student Association (USSA) states, “Education is a right!” Thus, the External Vice President of Statewide Affairs (EVPSA) is proud to present a WEEK OF REVENUE! Throughout the week, EVPSA will be presenting information on different resources our education system can use to lower the tuition prices. From legalizing marijuana to increase oil severance taxes, we’ve got all the information you need!! (Not convinced? Check out a quick run down of all the events coming to you. Did we mention there will be FREE FOOD?) Better listen up, UCSB. This isn’t the last time you’ll be hearing from us 😉