Current Projects

1. Responsible Investment

The responsible investment committee would be a collaborate group composed of different University constituents like students, faculty, alumni and staff.  The main goal of the committee is to keep the UCSB foundation trustees accountable of making environmentally and socially sound investments, reflecting the school’s values and mission.  In addition, the committee would become a concrete source of fiscal transparency for students and community members of the University both who have a personal and fiscal stake in this institute. Furthermore, instead of paying a proxy voting service, the committee members will participate in proxy voting themselves to ensure that the University is making good decisions.  As one of the leading institutes in the world, it’s very important for the University of California to uphold ethical investing that advances social and environment justice.

2. University of California Students Association’s Economic Justice Campaign.

There are three parts of this project. 1) Institutional aid for undocumented students. This would allow undocumented students access to UC pools of financial aid, making higher education more accessible. This portion of the project targets the UC Regents and the CA government. 2) Oil Severance Tax. This portion of the Economic Justice Campaign works to generate funding for higher eduction by passing AB 656. 3) Fee Rollback. The goal of this is to lower the price of tuition for students who will attend the UC (its gone up 300% since 2001) making higher education more accessible.

For information and resources related to this campaign as well as other UCSA campaigns just check out the UCSA webpage

3. Dream Act

The Dream Act is a piece of legislation that would allow undocumented youth a pathway towards legalization if they join the military or attend college for two years.  There are also other requirements like having good moral character and having arrived to the United States before the age of 16. The Dream Act is national campaign that students have pushed for since 2000, 10 years later students are still fighting for the Dream Act to become a reality.

In November the Dream Act did not pass. Currently, the EVPSA Office is working on pressuring Governor Jerry Brown to make this Act a reality. We are working on a post card campaign in which students can fill out post cards demonstrating their support of the Dream Act.

4.  Restorative Justice At UCSB

Restorative Justice focuses on the victims and the offenders instead of on legal codes and laws. It gives victims an active role in the process and encourages offenders to take responsibility for their actions beyond just accepting their punishment. It is based on the idea that a wrong doing is a crime against an individual not the State and should be treated as such. EVPSA is working with administrators and students to explore the use of Restorative Justice as a means of responding to bias-incidents.